The Doodson approach is to solve our client’s problems and that is why we provide our clients with additional benefits to make their lives easier and more secure

  • Access to In-house Risk Management, Health and Safety, Close Protection and Property Security expertise.
  • Access to Appraisal and Valuation services for Property, Valuables and Collections
  • Specialist Motor Sourcing, Consultancy and Dealer Negotiation.

If you would like to speak to one of our Private Client Managers to find out more about these and other ways we can help.

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Your Contacts

Nathan Maloney
Private Client Director

T: 0161 419 3046
M: 07795 472 778

Nathan Maloney
  • Nathan Maloney
  • Debbie Hudson
  • Mandy Morris
  • Maria Wright
  • David Bailey
  • Peter McHugh
  • Janet Royle
  • Kevin Meade
  • Stuart Siddall


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The human impact

“Insurance can only transfer the financial repercussions of a loss on to someone else – (the insurer). But what we never forget is the human impact of an adverse incident.”

Chris Jones, Risk Manager

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